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MMD Tip of the day: Do you have a model that seemed to work just fine, and upon moving to a newer version, all the expressions are non-existent or blank?

There's a simple way to fix this without needing to use PMDE/PMXE.

Switch to Japanese Mode, which is located at Help>Japanese Mode (or press J). To switch back, click Help>English Mode (or press E).
Forget the usual "life's greatest mysteries" questions! I have FAR more pressing questions of my own!

1) What exactly IS a platypus?
2) Do Transformers get car insurance or life insurance?
I scrapped and deleted a bunch of older stuff. It's been upsetting me for months that people would be faving (not even bothering to comment) on stuff from as way back as 2012 and not pay even a second of attention to newer stuff. I LOVE interaction and 2 years of little-to-no comments is upsetting for me.

I may go and do it to 2015 and 2016 stuff as well. Still debating on if I should just get this account deleted, with the ghost town that is comments. I hate feeling lonely. 

I won't do requests (unless a friend asks me, not a stranger), and I won't do pairings...especially stuff that breaks the rules of the models I'm using. I like ideas, throw them at me.
The open beta for FurVilla just opened up today! It's a really cute site. It took me 30 minutes just to choose what my first animal (villager) would be! The artwork is lovely.
Animals to choose from (so far) is: Bat, Bear, Cat, Big Cat, Dog, Ferret, Skunk, Red Panda, Dragon, Velociraptor, Griffon, and many others. I found the Least Weasel under Ferret. Sadly, there's no badgers. 

If you want to join, could you click this, pretty please?
To the folks in the UK: Congrats on independence! The next few years will be rough, but it will get better. Sure, the value of the Pound has dropped, but it'll bounce back up (this stuff happens all the time, just ask folks who study economics. The Pound WILL bounce back)! I've been watching the vote on BBC and am approving of the results.

The people on Twitter who are pro-Remain are appalling. They act like the sky is falling, and the insults they are lashing out... "How DARE older people vote! How dare "uneducated, racist, xenophobic" people vote!" They also scream how democracy was a bad thing, a terrible idea!


Stop the MMD Drama!
United States
Current Residence: Home in the Southwest US
Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: Time is always by my side, but never ON my side.
There once was a normal 13 year-old girl named Spooksy Duh Killer. They were the edgiest of the edge and had ultra-BLACK hair and BLOOD RED eyes and albino-white skin. They had BLACK clothes, BLACK nails and looked super ultra cute. One day at school they got a feeling and decided to kill other kids at school because they bullied her. No one cared because tacos. She sees Jeff the Killer who forgets all about killing her because they marry and he's best husband and she goes killing stuff with her. 

Then there was a nerdy 30 year-old man named Boop. He looked on some shopping site and found the last super rare copy of Mega Man only it said 666Mega Man420 in permanent marker. Boop buys the game for only $1 and the very next day it arrives in the mail. He puts the game in and it says Mega Man only there's 666 everywhere and the colors are RED with a BLACK background with the music being slow. Mega Man is in BLACK armor and his eyes are empty and BLEEDING. Boop is haunted by EDGYMega Man and is killed.

But then there was legend of a dangerous terrifying squirrel by name of Ekomsdeew that went around killing people then Jeff and Slenderman fight and Ekomsdeew kills them because he's superior. Also there's HYPER-REALISTIC BLOOD and it's part of a LOST EPISODE to Pokemon.

  • Watching: stuff on Youtube
  • Playing: Furvilla beta
  • Drinking: water

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