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I got a shiny Zorua via hatching a few days back. Named him Baron. I find I have a higher chance in shinies if it's hatched randomly and not trying to hatch hundreds of x Pokemon. For one, I lost track of the number of eggs I've hatched and it gets boring.

Also the shiny charm and oval charms are helpful (couple this with the Masuda method). If you haven't gotten them yet, I recommend doing so. I believe the shiny rate is even higher in ORAS then in XY.
On Ark Survival Evolved, I've successfully hatched and reared 18 wyverns. I'm now going to collect 50 eggs and then transfer them to a different map. What can I say? These huge lesser dragons (yes lesser because the Dragon is a boss character) are cool all around. I named my level 151 Lightning wyvern Lagi. You know, based off the dragon from Panzer Dragoon, Zwei, Saga, and Orta.
Further update on this shooting: It was an elderly couple. Both in their 80s. Apparently the wife's cancer had come back (and she also had dementia) and the two broke into an argument, the husband yelling he was going to shoot her and himself. A neighbor heard this, called the police and by the time the police arrived, both of the elderly people were dead in their backyard.
This...isn't something that usually happens in my neighborhood. Like at all. Geeze...
Good lord! There's been a shooting at the street right behind me, at a house just diagonal to mine! 
There's a new way to make models "breath"…

I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you backup a model first. Afraid I can't tell you how to do it, as I've yet to find a way to get PMDE/PMXE to work on Windows 10.


Stop the MMD Drama!
United States
Current Residence: Home in the Southwest US
Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: Time is always by my side, but never ON my side.
You can give everyone diamonds, and some people will hate you for it.
You can find perfectly untouched food in the trash.
You can ask the male/female of your dreams to dance and they'll reject you. "Ew,no."
Your cat/dog/horse will love you even if you never love on them or feed/water them, and still live!
Your cows/chickens/ducks/goats/sheep/pigs/dinosaur on the other hand will not.
You can become besties with a hobo.
You can buy things and become friends with a being everyone else wants to kill.
You can make/drink alcohol at an unknown age and no one will be upset.
Some people eat rocks or other inedible items and thank you for it.
You can have relationships with multiple love interests and not get in trouble.
You can use various weapons on your children without them dying.
The way to have kids is just kissing.
You can become besties with a wizard.
Your mayor is a creep.
You can make and use bombs.
You can fish from lava.
If you don't like how the day went, just go back the previous day.
If you don't like how someone/something looks, you can mod that.
You can pass out just from staring at someone for long hours and end up in the hospital.
You can get instant sushi from killing flying green eels.
Upgrading your house only takes 2-3 days.
You can get money by putting absolute junk in a box.
You can be praised by your grandpa.
You will spend more hours on this game more then any other.

  • Listening to: Loreena McKennitt- Prospero's Speech
  • Watching: stuff on Youtube
  • Playing: Stardew Valley
  • Drinking: water

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