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That Walking Dead premiere was just nope.
I can't. I knew who it'd be but still.
I'm going to be drowning in my feels. Just...damn.
Pokemon Sun and Moon demo comes out for me in one hour. Sure the demo's 30 minutes long, but I can't sleep! Also, there's been data leaks of some of the new pokemon, including the shiny version of the starters and mascot legendaries. You can find them on Youtube if you're really curious. When I get that Sun mascot next month, I'm SO naming it Blade Liger. That's what it looks like it was based on.
Man...I'm SO glad I live in a state that doesn't get hit by hurricanes. Those poor folks in Florida. 
If you're in North America and haven't got Hoopa yet, it's been released for a second time. Use the serial code: 2016Hoopa.
The event is said to end on Oct 9th. Be quick!
Just saw video of Sun & Moon starters second forms. I'm glad I'm still going with the fire starter. The grass one looks like its second form is to appeal to teenagers and the water starter's second form is freaken adorable. If you hate the anime, you might just want to avoid the Sun & Moon demo. A certain water Pokemon's form is involved (Keeping vague for those who are wanting to avoid spoilers if possible).


Stop the MMD Drama!
United States
Current Residence: Home in the Southwest US
Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: Time is always by my side, but never ON my side.
I love Lord of the Rings Online, and I wish more folks would come play it! Let me tell you some reasons why I think you should play it.

1) Don't need the latest graphics cards and such to play it!
This game is a little outdated on the graphics, but that's a good thing! Unlike some games (e.g Ark Survival Evolved), you can play it on just about any PC, so long as it's got enough juice and a good enough internet connection. I know someone who can play this game on Windows 98, and you can play this on Windows 10 with minimal issues. You don't need the latest (and expensive) stuff, but it can look AMAZING.
Here's an example of it on a good PC in the Rohan region (Intel graphics card) : [link]
The scenery in this game is great! The sky is lovely and in some regions, if you're lucky, you'll catch certain events, like an aurora borealis in Forochel or a rainbow over Hobbiton in the Shire. The water is also very lovely to look at, and it doesn't look so plain like so many games. The landscape is very immersive.

2) Play the game YOUR way!
Enjoy taking things slow, or perhaps role-playing? Like to attack up close, or set traps on your enemies? This game has you covered. There's servers dedicated to role-playing, and to casual play. You don't have to do quests to get to the maximum level (currently 105) and can instead do other tasks to level up. The game has 9 different classes, which I explained in an older journal here: The Classes of Lord of the Rings Online
This game also has a ton of lore and is fun for fans of Middle Earth and people who don't know it, or don't like the books/movies for whatever reason (What is wrong with you?!). This is the only MMO where I feel a you are in a world. It's not just stretched out maps, but a massive world and you can get lost in it, simply enjoying exploring.
For role-players, there's also smoking and drinking in the game. Just be warned: the drinking effects can cause motion sickness in some folks (though there's a way to turn off said effects). This game has cosmetic pets and battle pets, so you won't be alone in your journey (when you're not running around with other players). There's also session play where you can play as various characters in Middle Earth's lore. You can also play as the humble chicken. The game's perfect for completionists or casuals alike.
3) Dress 'em up!
Love your delicate clothes, but can't wear it into battle? Love your armor, but want to switch to something else? Do you wish, for once, that females where NOT in bikini armor? This game is for you. You can have multiple cosmetic slots you can set clothes on and switch at any time. There's also a cash Wardrobe item (permanent upgrade for a cheap price) where you can save clothes there and apply them onto your character regardless of their class or level. Your male and female characters are modestly dressed, so no more "less armor and sexualized bodies= more armor"! To get an idea on some cosmetics, why not check this site out (look under categories)?

4) Music!
From the lovely soundtrack, to the player music system, you can have a lot of fun here. As I've mentioned in my journal about classes, there's also a class that can play various instruments. Every class and race can play certain instruments, but one class can play all of them. You can even use a plugin and play various tunes by yourself or with others! 
Example of player music: [link]
Examples of in-game music: [link] [link] [link] [link]

5) Free to Play, Premium, or VIP!
This is one of the few MMOs that doesn't punish you if you can't afford to spend money on content. There's two forms of special currency: Turbine Points (TP) or Mithril Coins. You can get both through various ways in the game. TP is used to buy things in the store, and Mithril coins are used for certain things, be it buying steeds you've missed in previous festivals (no more "Oh man...why did I miss this?? It's no longer available!"), or even HUGE premium houses in Gondor (there's normal houses you can buy with in-game currency). TP can be earned through doing deeds. I know some people who have never spent real money on the game and have bought everything they could ever want or need from the TP they've accumulated through deeds, though this can take months to get some things you will find useful. Premium is for those who've bought TP for the first time. VIP is amazing in this. Just spend $15 USD and log in all your characters to get the VIP perks (like swift travel), and be sure to cancel it before it runs out. You'll be able to keep certain perks even after your VIP status runs out. More can be read here:… While quest packs are free to VIPs, expansion packs are not. I recommend getting the Quad pack when it's on sale (usual price is $40 USD).

6) If I can think of more, I'll write it here. 
  • Playing: Lord of the Rings Online
  • Drinking: water

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