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May 2, 2013


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Ok, I've been seeing really crappy OC's (original characters) floating around the place lately. I thought that I could help you guys out here.

-What is a original character? It's a fan-made character someone usually makes for a book, show, game, etc that is used as a means to "interact" with the main characters of a book, show, game, etc. Unfortunately, some people get this wrong and their character/self-insert may become a Mary/Gary Sue.

-What is a Mary/Gary Sue? Well....they have the following traits:

-The plot of the book, show, game, etc goes THEIR way (If this only briefly mentions a canon character and is more oc-centric, it's usually ok)
-They have NO weaknesses
-Any and all characters are attracted to them
-They have a TRAGIC past
-They are a long lost relative or are the long lost lover/girlfriend/boyfriend to a character or more
-They die a TRAGIC death
-Every good guy and bad guy likes or loves them
-Immortal, can bring people back from the dead
-Is a vampire/werewolf/fairy/princess/dragon/prince/god/goddess/zombie/unicorn, etc OR all the above!
-Often have a very over-used name
-The canon characters are ooc (out of character)
-This list is too painful to write more, but I'm sure you get the idea.

-Creating your character, Starting traits-

What is their name and/or nickname? If you name your character something like Sakura...go back to the name board! Also, do NOT match names with personalities!

Their age? Try not to make them YOUR age and birth date!

Height and Weight? If you don't describe these, often people will assume this is a self insert of YOU and may assume that you are VERY fat. So make this believable.

Species? Don't hybridize your favorite characters. Otherwise, they'll just end up a BLOB with eyes over here, a mouth over there, and twitching, useless limbs.

Hair color? PLEASE refrain from using a fake hair color (unnatural) or from making it the same hair color as your character's crush.

Eye color? Again, do NOT make it unnatural (like red)! ONLY make it unnatural if it's in a fantasy world. If it's oh...a world of cats, colors like yellow, gray, and (rarely) whitish are ok.

Clothing style? People won't take you seriously if you have them in ALL black or if they barely wear anything. If this is a animal (not a humanoid animal, but a ANIMAL animal), state if they're wearing something like a collar (avoid spiked/studded/chained collars).

Place they're living at? People won't take you seriously if you have your character in a place you want to live in. Like Japan.

Back story? Don't make it tragic unless it makes sense and doesn't go overboard. Also, if they have had any interaction with a canon character...Don't make them past lovers or some other junk like that!

Personality? Avoid matching this with names. Seriously.

Powers? Under NO circumstances should you make them immortal, have unmatched powers, ultimate healing skills, etc.. Make it a skill that they've been working with. Like uh....the ability to balance plates on a stick.

Weaknesses? This is very important!

Historic significants? If your character is something like a country representative or a solider, please do your research!

Remember, you should not make them look like a canon character! That's like dying Sonic green and calling it your OC!
OC examples- This will show you good and bad examples of OCs.

Good example-
Name: Anna Herring
Nickname: Ms. Fish
Age: 24
Height/Weight: 5'3"/230 lbs
Species: Human
Hair color/eye color: Auburn/Hazel
Clothing style: Casual and modest
Current residence: Houston, Texas
Back story: Grew up in a small town and went to collage. Her family lives in Austin. She has three siblings: two brothers, and a sister (Names are: Fred, James, and Sarah). Anna works at a veterinary clinic.
Personality: Very curious and bold
Powers: n/a
Weaknesses: She has a really bad cavity and has bad year-round allergies to the pollen.
Historical significants: n/a

Bad example-
Name: Katsumi (Victorious beauty) Yuzuki (Gentle moon)
Nickname: Sexy goddess
Age: (1,5)32,783,278,937,284 (if it's a "immortal" age and has anything from 1,1 to 1,'re basically hiding YOUR age)
Height/Weight: 6'2"/ 90 lbs
Species: Human with hints of elf, vampire, and dragon.
Hair color/eye color: Pink/Yellow
Clothing style: Sexy and cute clothes
Current residence: Japan, baby! Yeah!
Back story: All her parents DIED! She's BFF's with Naruto, Ichigo, and Sonic. Her boyfriend is Megatron. She's married to Gary Oak! It's ok though because everyone likes her and even fights for her LOVE!
Personality: Cute, innocent, flirty
Powers: She's immortal. She's got like the ability to speak to animals! She can run really fast and fly. Oh yeah! She can breath fire and if someone dies, she can bring them back!
Weaknesses: What weaknesses?
Historical significants: She's the reason (insert war here) started but she stopped it ALL by herself!

There you go. I hope this guide has helped!
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KawaiiJoltic Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Okay, this is a pretty good guide. Just for fun, I thought it would be funny to ask you to review some Pokémon OCs I made a long time ago, before I knew what a Mary Sue was. I know they're REALLY bad, so I just thought they'd be nice for laughs. 

Name: Natasha Acamine 
Nickname: Nat
Age: 11
Height/Weight: Pretty short and slight
Species: Human
Hair color/eye color: Light brown hair, leaf green eyes
Clothing style: Dresses like Leaf, but with a yellow scarf
Current residence: Twinleaf Town, but has an underground secret base 
Back story: A childhood friend of Dawn and Barry, the latter of which she has a crush on. Her mother is a Pokemon researcher and former contest champion who is very wealthy, she had a Jigglypuff, Trapinch, Torchic, Duskull, and Bulbasaur before she started her journey. Made friends with Ash, Paul, and Zoey, the latter of which she travelled with on her journey alongside Barry. Went after both Contests and Gyms, which even though she has a canon objection to this, Zoey didn't frown upon. 
Personality: Kind and soft spoken, nice to nearly everyone. 
Powers: A bit of empathic powers. 
Weaknesses: Tends to get very upset when something happens to someone she cares about; fell into deep depression when her Porygon was kidnapped, tends to underestimate her own abilities. 
Historical significants: Helps save the world a few times alongside Ash. 

And here we have the REALLY bad one. Feel free to laugh. 
Name: Katana Veon
Nickname: Kat
Age: 14
Height/Weight: Tall, lithe
Species: Human
Hair color/eye color: Brown hair in a style rather similar to Usagi's from Sailor Moon, orange eyes that look like fire with red and yellow towards the top and bottom, respectively. 
Clothing style: Burgundy ninja uniform, a hat that looks like the Pokemon Center attendants, but burgundy and with a ninja star symbol rather than a cross. 
Current residence: Pallet Town
Back story: Childhood friend of Ash's, (she might have had a crush on him) hates Gary with a burning passion due to him bullying her as a child. Her parents were both ninjas, so she trained as one as well. Rather skilled at many forms of combat, Pokemon training included. 
Personality: Sweet when not on ninja duty, fierce and cold when in uniform. 
Powers: Ninjitsu
Weaknesses: So cold at times that people don't recognize her or like her. (Yeah, I was younger, okay?)
Historical significants: Helps Ash out a few times, travels with him for a while

I'm really sorry. Looking back, I can't believe I was really such a Suethor, though I never got around to publishing any of this, thank God. 
KatenKyoytsu Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
I saw your page on making an OC and I wanted to see if I'm going in the right direction
Manga: Pandora Hearts
Name:, Diasake Baskerville
He's well dressed, skinny, black hair with natural white highlights.
Nickname: Scars
Because his whole back is covered with them.
Age: Physical: 21 Real:121
Height/Height: 6ft 3inch, 170 lbs, skinny on the lean side
Hair color/Eye color: Black with natural white highlights, black with a few sparkles of red.
Species: Baskerville
Past: Before he was a Baskerville he was subjected to very horrific experiences (all Baskervilles are) alongside his childhood friend, Charlotte who is also a Baskerville. Many people don't like him and he will hurt anyone who hurts his family, his fellow Baskervilles.
Personality: Aloof, cold, stern, patient
Powers: Has a contract with the Chain Gryphon who is one of the 5 Black Winged Chains but is not the strongest. Trying to think of an original power, need some help with that.
Weaknesses: Family, over thinking, always struggling with what is right and wrong
What do you think can be improved?
Teleway Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
Forgive me, I don't know the manga, so I can't judge this oc properly.
shimmerwolfgirl Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Student Artist
the 1st example was so realistic
the 2nd was.................stuff

im more of a fantasy person so only some don't count 4 me >w<

(wuts a canon???) 
Teleway Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
Canon basically (in literature) "is the material accepted as part of the story in an individual fictional universe" So anything the creator of the book, manga, comic, etc says has happened, is accepted.

So some examples would be: -In My Little Pony, it's canon that Twilight is Princess Celestia's student.
- In Dragon Ball Z, it's canon that Goku and Chichi are married, and Vegeta and Bulma are married.
- In the book series (about cats) Warriors, it's canon that Rusty is accepted into Thunderclan.

What wouldn't be canon: -Pinkie pie is instead Celestia's student.
-Goku and Vegeta ditch their wives and children to be together.
-Rusty gets accepted into Shadowclan instead.                     
shimmerwolfgirl Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Student Artist
EveFTW Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2014
Uhh... So I made an oc....
Well, it's a work in progress, so yeah...
It's also from an anime, so if something sounds weird, it's probably following the plot of the story.
Name: Di (Short for Diana, but Di sounds cool)
Age: 16
Height: 5'7 (Is that too tall?
Weight: (I'm not sure what the average height for a girl that's 5'7 is...)
Species: Human
Hair color: White (It's normal, because my OC is from this anime where there's this place where white hair is natural, so it's not too weird. I hope.)
Eye color: CHANGES COLORS!!!11 (Jk, blue xD)
Personality: Serious but not like too serious, friendly, a bit introverted, sometimes greedy, especially when there is something that evolves money.
Weaknesses: She has a lot of pride, and that gets to her head. She is also deadly afraid of fire, death in general, and loosing her friends.
Powers: Pssh. She doesn't have any.
Clothing Style: The typical outfits that they wear in the shows. So yeah, the normal stuff.
Backstory: (I tried to tone down the Mary Sue-ness for this. Also, like I said earlier, this is my oc for an anime, so if something sounds weird, sorry) Di was born as a servant for royalty. She became friends with a servant there, leading her to meet the heir to the throne as a child. Then, many years later, to escape from the evil queen, the three of them escape via aircrafts to meet the main characters and a bunch of stuff happens.
....So, how bad is it? It's my first oc and all, so....
Teleway Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
This sounds good~
EveFTW Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
Thank you! :D
Teleway Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
You're welcome!
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