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May 2, 2013


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Ok, I've been seeing really crappy OC's (original characters) floating around the place lately. I thought that I could help you guys out here.

-What is a original character? It's a fan-made character someone usually makes for a book, show, game, etc that is used as a means to "interact" with the main characters of a book, show, game, etc. Unfortunately, some people get this wrong and their character/self-insert may become a Mary/Gary Sue.

-What is a Mary/Gary Sue? Well....they have the following traits:

-The plot of the book, show, game, etc goes THEIR way (If this only briefly mentions a canon character and is more oc-centric, it's usually ok)
-They have NO weaknesses
-Any and all characters are attracted to them
-They have a TRAGIC past
-They are a long lost relative or are the long lost lover/girlfriend/boyfriend to a character or more
-They die a TRAGIC death
-Every good guy and bad guy likes or loves them
-Immortal, can bring people back from the dead
-Is a vampire/werewolf/fairy/princess/dragon/prince/god/goddess/zombie/unicorn, etc OR all the above!
-Often have a very over-used name
-The canon characters are ooc (out of character)
-This list is too painful to write more, but I'm sure you get the idea.

-Creating your character, Starting traits-

What is their name and/or nickname? If you name your character something like Sakura...go back to the name board! Also, do NOT match names with personalities!

Their age? Try not to make them YOUR age and birth date!

Height and Weight? If you don't describe these, often people will assume this is a self insert of YOU and may assume that you are VERY fat. So make this believable.

Species? Don't hybridize your favorite characters. Otherwise, they'll just end up a BLOB with eyes over here, a mouth over there, and twitching, useless limbs.

Hair color? PLEASE refrain from using a fake hair color (unnatural) or from making it the same hair color as your character's crush.

Eye color? Again, do NOT make it unnatural (like red)! ONLY make it unnatural if it's in a fantasy world. If it's oh...a world of cats, colors like yellow, gray, and (rarely) whitish are ok.

Clothing style? People won't take you seriously if you have them in ALL black or if they barely wear anything. If this is a animal (not a humanoid animal, but a ANIMAL animal), state if they're wearing something like a collar (avoid spiked/studded/chained collars).

Place they're living at? People won't take you seriously if you have your character in a place you want to live in. Like Japan.

Back story? Don't make it tragic unless it makes sense and doesn't go overboard. Also, if they have had any interaction with a canon character...Don't make them past lovers or some other junk like that!

Personality? Avoid matching this with names. Seriously.

Powers? Under NO circumstances should you make them immortal, have unmatched powers, ultimate healing skills, etc.. Make it a skill that they've been working with. Like uh....the ability to balance plates on a stick.

Weaknesses? This is very important!

Historic significants? If your character is something like a country representative or a solider, please do your research!

Remember, you should not make them look like a canon character! That's like dying Sonic green and calling it your OC!
OC examples- This will show you good and bad examples of OCs.

Good example-
Name: Anna Herring
Nickname: Ms. Fish
Age: 24
Height/Weight: 5'3"/230 lbs
Species: Human
Hair color/eye color: Auburn/Hazel
Clothing style: Casual and modest
Current residence: Houston, Texas
Back story: Grew up in a small town and went to collage. Her family lives in Austin. She has three siblings: two brothers, and a sister (Names are: Fred, James, and Sarah). Anna works at a veterinary clinic.
Personality: Very curious and bold
Powers: n/a
Weaknesses: She has a really bad cavity and has bad year-round allergies to the pollen.
Historical significants: n/a

Bad example-
Name: Katsumi (Victorious beauty) Yuzuki (Gentle moon)
Nickname: Sexy goddess
Age: (1,5)32,783,278,937,284 (if it's a "immortal" age and has anything from 1,1 to 1,'re basically hiding YOUR age)
Height/Weight: 6'2"/ 90 lbs
Species: Human with hints of elf, vampire, and dragon.
Hair color/eye color: Pink/Yellow
Clothing style: Sexy and cute clothes
Current residence: Japan, baby! Yeah!
Back story: All her parents DIED! She's BFF's with Naruto, Ichigo, and Sonic. Her boyfriend is Megatron. She's married to Gary Oak! It's ok though because everyone likes her and even fights for her LOVE!
Personality: Cute, innocent, flirty
Powers: She's immortal. She's got like the ability to speak to animals! She can run really fast and fly. Oh yeah! She can breath fire and if someone dies, she can bring them back!
Weaknesses: What weaknesses?
Historical significants: She's the reason (insert war here) started but she stopped it ALL by herself!

There you go. I hope this guide has helped!
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SugarLlamaz Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I hate those oc's that are related to canon!
Teleway Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
"Hi! I'm the sister of Sonic and cousin of Naruto! ALL the boys love me including my siblings."

I know what you mean.
HazardPlays Featured By Owner Edited Nov 4, 2014
This reminds me so much of when I first made Hazard (my Sonic OC). He was literally a green Sonic with cyan eyes and shoes. -_- Back then, he was "2OP4U." Now, he's just an average sword/magic robot thing. He has four forms, not counting normal form. They're Fire, Freeze, Shock, and Wind. These forms were made to correspond to his elemental magic. Weaknesses depend on the form. Normal weaknesses are water getting into his circuits, a drill to the face (or any other extremely pointy object), and giant lazors. He has the Ars Arcanum attack (six hits in the roleplays I use him in), which makes him pretty darn exhausted, and even a Limit (Hazard Laser). How well do you say I did?
Mist66 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice tips! I'm trying to make myself a normal OC, do you mind giving me tips?

This is what I have so far-
Name: Catrina Leslie
Nickname: Cat
Age: 16
Height;Weight: 4'10";110 pounds
Hair color: Redish brown
Eye color: dark brown
Species: Human
Hometown: Adelento, California
Personality: She's very clumsy and trips over everything. However, she is very loyal, and claims she can defeat anyone by making them laugh to death as a joke.
Family: Both her parents and her twin sister
Backstory: (Haven't made it quite yet~)  
PancakesTheCow Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
I've never really written something like this out before, But I figured I'd give it a shot. This is my OC for a universe I created where the technology to give about 20% of the world psychic powers exists. If you have any suggestions to help me, I would love to hear them.

Name: Ian Stewart
Nickname: Mail
Age: 22
Height/Weight: 5'8" / 147 lbs
Hair color/Eye color: Light Brown, Brown
Species: Human
Clothing Style: Very casual except when at work, then always in uniform.
Current residence: Outskirts of Washington D.C.
Back story: Born to Evan and Natalie Stewart, both working for the government. Growing up in the shadow of the nation's capital with his parents both being government employees, Ian tried his best to strive for something great. Although he always worked hard to achieve something he deemed as great, he didn't have as much raw talent as many of his peers, and in his own opinion could never match up to them. Quickly loosing his drive, Ian decided to join the military, where he trained extensively as a pilot. His parents, unable to bear the thought of their only son being deployed to a warzone, pulled strings to get him a job with the P.A.I.D. (Psychic Anomaly Investigation Department). He now works as a field pilot, flying his team to and from mission areas investigating dangerous individuals with psychic abilities (This is where his nickname comes from, as he acts as their "mailman", delivering them to missions). What he did not realize was that he actually had to join the team on missions as well.  
Personality: Hasty to make decisions, and often doesn't think things through. Is very kind and quite quick-witted, but can come off as passive-aggressive. He will put in extra effort in trying to be nice to those who are nice to him, but is quick to be harsh on himself.
Powers: Is an above-average pilot, knows a multitude of random (and for the most part) useless movie facts, competent in ranged and hand-to-hand combat, has political connections through parents, makes a mean schnitzel.  
Weaknesses: Is in the 80% of world population that does not possess psychic powers. Often lacks focus and concentration, and is his own worst enemy. Sucks at board and card games. Very susceptible to allergies in the fall months. The very mention of marshmallows make him green. 
Interests: Watches movies at any and all available opportunities, Collects old VHS tapes and original film reels, occasionally watching them when he gets the chance. 
Historical significants: Found an old film reel from a film previously thought lost whilst digging around at a garage sale for $100. He then turned around and sold it to a museum for a couple thousand dollars, where the reel was restored and the film archived.
Teleway Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
"The very mention of marshmallows make him green."  He's a Martian! Run away!!! 


This is a very good character~ I don't really see anything that needs correcting.
PancakesTheCow Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
Teleway Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014
You're welcome!
frogben Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
i kinda have a problem where i can't help but make my gemsona (steven universe yousee) look basically like me, and use my real name, help?
Teleway Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
Try to think outside the box, a character is a character.

Try to make the person not like you but something that ISN'T you, like how in Steven Universe they are all diffrent, the characters aren't all like the creator. Try to make the character strange and exciting but fits into the show obviously, try to give the character an interesting (but not sob story stuff) back story. Try to make them original and use a name that's very fitting for the show. Even if the character is someone who you long to be, I don't mean just in looks but in personality then go for it! Hey that's a start! Then with that starting character you can start to develop them.
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